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Introducing Giannone - a family run poultry farm in St- Cuthbert, Canada.

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To bring you the best chicken,
we start at the egg

What makes this poultry producer so special? The Giannone method involves...

  • Selecting breeders carefully
  • Providing nutritious feed
  • Maintaining healthy living conditions
  • Transporting livestock safely
  • Processing livestock humanely

Giannone also uses a unique storage method to keep meat dry, cool and delicious. The 100% air-based storage process allows our chicken to maintain its fresh taste. Avoiding the standard water-based storage methods also reduces the risk of contamination and preserves the natural enzymes and proteins.

Taking comfort food to a new level

Dizzy Birds Rotisserie is giving comfort food a new meaning. When you sit down in our rotisserie chicken restaurant, you'll feel comfortable in body, mind and spirit. That's because our Giannone chicken is...

  • Antibiotic-free
  • Certified humane
  • Organic
  • Halal-certified

The chickens used in our comfort food are allowed to live a natural growth cycle. They have access to spacious areas that allow them to roam freely. Most importantly, Giannone uses a cutting-edge traceability system that lets us track each cut of meat from our local restaurant all that way back to the hatchery.

What to Expect at Our Biddeford, ME Restaurant


Dizzy Birds Rotisserie is dedicated to providing you and your family with the most ethical chicken available in North America. To do this, we use only Giannone chicken at our rotisserie chicken restaurant. Poultry Giannone has designed and implemented unique systems to create healthier and more humane chicken.

Taste the difference Giannone's innovated and ethical system makes by visiting our local restaurant in Biddeford, ME.